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Read below to see how we tell a business' story — using video — in a way that really connects with the viewer.

We help companies raise exposure and increase profits by telling their stories with video in a way that connects with audiences. Most of the clients we work with are very good at what they do; they have created a business they love, and they are exceptional at it. They are makers of quality goods and/or services.


What these business owners need is more exposure to their ideal clients. In today’s world it's easy to be overlooked. Even if you’re performing at the top of your craft, you can get lost in the shuffle. The question to ask in this instance is, how are you telling your story?


Telling your story on video can be the strongest way to raise your visibility and give your ideal clients a chance to get to know you. A video can tell your story in a personal way that connects the viewer to the heart of who you are and what you do. Great videos get talked about, passed along and remembered in a way that no other marketing media can accomplish.

Have you been thinking about creating a video for years but haven't found a way to get started? You've heard all the reasons to tell your story through video. You love the idea. But, here we are, a year or two later, and you still don't have the video you need.


Maybe you tried to make one in-house but found that the video you produced didn't live up to your brand image standards.


Maybe you've tried to set aside time to make it happen, but the idea of taking on a huge project in addition to your current workload overwhelms you.


Don't wait to create a video representing your business, take the first step now to connect with your ideal clients in a meaningful way.


Download my article on the 7 Reasons You're Video Isn't Made Yet:


case study: Gamblin Artists colors

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Gamblin Artists Colors makes oil paints. Their dedication to crafting safe and permanent materials has garnered them a group of loyal customers and fans. Their experience puts them in a uinque position to lead the oil painting industry into the future.


Many of their current customers and fans are long-time professional painters. Gamblin Artists Colors wanted to tell their story and talk about their approach to colormaking in a way that would help them to connect more deeply with more painters without alienating their core customer group.


Robert and Pete­—the Founder and President of Gamblin, respectively—came to us with a request: Create a video that connects with painters who are passionate about using quality materials that allow them to capture their vision without compromise.


We decided to use Robert's voice to tell the story of the company.

Since Gamblin is a small business, founded by a painter, It was important for us to capture the human aspect of both making and using their paints. These processes are visually engaging—many even say mesmorizing—and offer a wealth of opportunity to connect the makers with the users.


We shot with a crew of nine people and three cameras over a day and a half at the Gamblin Artists paint-making facility and on location at Maysara Wineries.


The 2 1/2 minute video reached over 4,000 viewers in the first month, and averages 20-30 views a day.


To watch the video, click below.


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